Parrothead Nation .......
We finished round 1 in 5th place!

The 2011 NASCARITAVILLE Parties That Matter
Spirit of Vicki Racing Team
Raising awareness, promoting and supporting the
terrific parrothead charity

Round 2 voting April 22nd - May 1st.
TEN FINALISTS were selected by Toyota Racing.
Well 12 finalists, but Toyota *changed their mind* and disqualified
2 entries AFTER *mistakenly* notifying them they were finalists. Oops.

Here are the Toyota Racing selected finalists
and their round 1 popular vote standings:

LYME DISEASE AWARENESS (1st, 14234 votes)
CHELSEA's HOPE (3rd, 6749 votes)
LOVE YOU DAD (4th, 5906 votes)
ZAC ATTACK (DIPG AWARENES) (6th, 5381 votes)
911 DISPATCHERS (11th 2291 votes)
THE ALL-AMERICAN (15th, 1784 votes)
MOLEAT (28th, 723 votes)
BALD WOMEN ROCK! (30th, 666 votes)
SAVE SHELTER ANIMALS (37th, 553 votes)
ACIDIC EIGHTEEN (66th, 362 votes)

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Final Vote Totals from the (apparently) meaningless round 1

Our NASCARITAVILLE Parties That Matter Spirit of Vicki Racing Team entry
was unfortunately not selected by Toyota Racing as one of the ten finalists.

While absolutely nothing can make up for the fact that Toyota Racing
made an absolute mess of the process and robbed our entry of a legitimate
chance to compete as one of the ten finalists, they have taken now some
accountability and have reached out to me with actually personal contact
and not anonymous emails.

I have been in contact over the past two weeks with a representative of
Toyota Racing. He called me and we have had several discussions about how
this whole thing fell apart. He took the time to address every single one of
my issues. Everything was on the table.

Privately he acknowledged that our entry was one that they were "very excited about"
and that they had been "looking forward to seeing the NASCARitaville entry in the
final ten".
However he placed the decision to disqualify our entry on NASCAR
and not on Toyota Racing because of our use of an image which invoked the
official NASCAR logo.

When I pointed out that one of the selected finalists used *the actual NASCAR logo*,
he waggled a bit and finally stated that "use of the actual NASCAR logo would have
been okay, but that NASCAR did not like our entry's interpretation of the NASCAR logo".

Hmmmm .... okay .... not sure I am buying that but .....

As an attempt to make amends, Toyota Racing is doing the following for us:

1. We will receive the equivalent prize package that all of the
ten finalists receive:

"A customized helmet featuring the Finalist's "Sponsafied" car graphics.
Size of helmet and design/layout of graphics selected by Sponsor in
its sole discretion. ARV: $1,250."

This will include the NASCARITAVILLE logo; the Parties That Matter and
"Spirit of Vicki" images, etc. Unfortunately we will not receive it for
another 2 - 3 months. When I do, I will donate it to Parties That Matter
for a very cool, unique, one-of-kind auction item for NEXT YEAR's
Frisco Feeding Frenzy charity auction. I will even start the bidding myself
at, oh say $500 (I want it!).

2. For any future Sponsafier entry we may submit (Fall of 2011 or Spring of 2012),
I have a point of contact that will review our entry and make sure that
this type of screw-up does not happen again.

As I stated earlier, nothing makes up for the fact that we we robbed
of a legitimate chance to move on in this contest, but I am willing to
accept the that they are now taking some accountability
and I am willing to move on.

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Charities sponsify for the NASCAR Nation.
Read the RADIO MARGARITAVILLE post written about us on their facebook page:
Dallas charity tries to win contest to race under name 'NASCARitaville'

Thank you to Coral Reefer "Uncle Jim" Mayer for words of support on his facebook page:

A sincere thank you to all of the following:

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Of course you do.

This year our goal is to make the TOP TEN. We can do it if we rally the tremendous leverage of all parrotheads,
and show that we can Party With a Purpose and support the PARTIES THAT MATTER credo of
"Sharing so that others may live."

Our Racecar is named in honor of Vicki Britt, a courageous parrothead and friend that sadly we lost last year.
Vicki was a tremendous supporter of PARTIES THAT MATTER and loving example of why we can proudly say
that parrotheads know how to Party With A Purpose.

The YouTube video of our 2011 entry:

Looking for the NASCARitaville Ballad of Jimmy Ricky Bobby Buffett?
You'll find that HERE.

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This is a parody and claims no affiliation with NASCAR, Jimmy Buffett, Margaritaville or any other entitities.
While this is a parody ..... the CHARITY CONTEST listed above is something very real and very serious, and we thank you for your support.
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