The BN Critters comic strip first explored the corporate boardroom world (somewhere down in the Florida Keys) of Meglaritamart, Inc.
during the week of May 12th - 16th, 2008. At the end of that week, the marketing team decided that the best way to promote all of the
many, many Meglaritamart, Inc. products was simple

......... sponsor a Racecar!

View the NASCARitaville Parties That Matter Charity Racecar YouTube Video.


So simple and yet so obvious, right?

Well of course this idea screams out for a t-shirt design ........ so here you are:

The Ballad of Jimmy Ricky Bobby Buffett! is a ridiculous subsidiary of and
This is a parody and claims no affiliation with NASCAR, Jimmy Buffett, Margaritaville or any other entitities.
Confused? Don't be. Visit and to learn more and find even more bonus "BN Critters" material.